Book review: Little Thumb by Marina Gioti (Fairytales Retold series)

这是我现在读过的第二本作者的书,第一本是令人心碎的图画书《一颗心》,我喜欢这个系列中提问童话的概念。这是一个激发孩子们好奇心的好主意,encouraging them to think for themselves.

Filbert Numbscull is the main character throughout the series.Unlike the delightful surname that suggests otherwise when pronounced,这实际上是一只聪明的猫头鹰,甚至扮演侦探!在具体的书中,Filbert investigates the whats,hows and whys behind the story of Little Thumb.A host of pressing questions are addressed for the first time and the findings surprisingly point us to the issue of fear – what it can do to us and how liberating it can be once we find the courage to overcome it.

Mrs Gioti both writes the clever prose and designs the beautiful graphics creating a top notch children's book that's bound to entertain young children and teach them a thing or two.如果你的孩子想质疑一切,I am sure they'll enjoy ‘meeting' Mr Filbert Numbscull!A delightful and clever picture book that I highly recommend.


5 stars

Delightful and clever!!

找一本与众不同的儿童书?This thought-provoking tale will impress!Check it out today!!


Check out here my interview with Marina Gioti!!


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Interview with children's author Marina Gioti

Hello folks!Today I'm honored to have on my blog the talented children's author and illustrator,Marina Gioti.Those who follow my blog may remember I mentioned her during my recent interview with her husband,fabulous author (and actor of The Durrells)Kostas Krommydas.

Marina enjoys tremendous success in Greece.The photos from her book tours that she brought to show us today attest to that fact.Her books have recently been translated into English and made available on Amazon so readers around the world can sample her exquisite stories and illustrations too.今天我很高兴向你介绍玛丽娜的作品。Check this out:

每个故事都有两面性。Little Red Riding Hood retold,both as you know it and…as you don't!What really happened in the woods?神秘的先生是谁?洪博培,他怎么会在正确的时间,在正确的地点?Was the Big Bad Wolf really big and truly bad?为什么小红帽一开始就独自在树林里?勇敢的记者汤姆·菲尔比·吉布提已经准备好从字里行间阅读,揭开这个经典童话背后的真相。A book about the hidden racism in classic fairytales,school bullying,and friendship…


每个故事都有两面性。Cinderella retold,both as you know it and…as you don't!Was the Prince as charming as he appeared?Does this fairy tale sound too much like a tall tale?仙女教母是谁?她到底扮演了什么角色?What happens after happily-ever-after?Having solved the mystery of Little Red Riding Hood in the first,bestselling,Twice Upon a Time,Tom Flibbertibbet回来了,determined to read between the lines of this classic fairy tale.这是一本关于爱的魔法的书,the strength of willpower,追逐不可能的…


每个故事都有两面性。小拇指重新弯曲,both as you know it and…as you don't!How could parents abandon their children in the forest?聪明的小拇指怎么可能不知道面包屑在树林里不会持续很长时间呢?此外,if he was so short,how did the huge Giant manage to see him and… not step on him?And really,现在,just how tired was this Giant to let Little Thumb steal his boots?Once again,勇敢的记者汤姆·菲尔比·吉布提决心挖掘经典童话背后的真相。A book about sibling cooperation,达到成年,and facing our worst fears…



Hello Marina and welcome to my blog!!

谢谢你邀请我,Fros!Thrilled to be here.

是什么激发了你去写Twice Upon a Time"children's book series??

It was a phrase that my daughter,Vaia,用来形容一只五岁的狐狸。She said:"Mummy,一个狡猾的狐狸!“and I thought,“为什么狡猾?“狐狸都狡猾,狼都坏吗?为什么儿童童话里有这么多歧视?That's how the idea of"一次两次:小红帽”was born.在系列丛书中,我们从经典的儿童童话开始,and we continue after"从此幸福地过着”when the child is ready to question the original story.

Oh how fresh!I love this concept…

谢谢您,Fros.更重要的是,each book has a theme:"一次两次:小红帽”is about racism and bulling,“一次两次:灰姑娘”质疑完美王子的想法,并向孩子们展示了我们需要改变的魔力就在我们内心。“一次两次:小拇指”helps children face their fears.这三本书教会孩子们质疑他们听到的或认为理所当然的事情,并批判性地思考。

Wonderful!!你还写了什么?Anything else published??

我用希腊语写了六本图画书,three of which have been translated into English and are now available on Amazon.A book I am very proud of is called"一颗心.It is a picture book for mothers and daughters of all ages,which explores that never-ending love we have for our children.It was traditionally published in Greece last year and is due to be released in English through Amazon very soon.I have received more feedback for that book in Greece than any other book I have ever authored,and I am eagerly anticipating its release on Amazon to see how it will be received by English-speaking readers.

Any hobbies or interests that you enjoy in your spare time??

I've been an avid tennis player since the age of nine.I also ski;无论是在山上还是在水上,都取决于季节,我也喜欢骑自行车。I also read a lot and go to the theater very often.

Wow,你在哪里找到时间?I am astounded!!

对,finding time for fun is always a problem but I manage somehow!*giggles*

Who are your favorite authors,and what do you love about them??

Difficult question,我有那么多!儿童读物作者:我喜欢山田小比和杰弗斯的作品。Novels I have enjoyed include the"Tea Rose"trilogy by Jennifer Donnely and the"The Nightingale"by Kristin Hannah.


Marina in an event of Public stores with her husband Kostas Krommydas and Greek author Lena Manda

Marina in an event of Public stores with her husband Kostas Krommydas and Greek author Lena Manda

我为所有年龄段的人阅读和收集儿童读物。I am a big fan of Harry Potter.我也读过犯罪小说,神秘浪漫小说,还有传记。

My readers (and I) love pets!你有吗?Tell us their names,and share any photos please!!

Ever since I remember myself I've had pets,大部分是狗;I've also adopted a couple of cats in the past.I prefer to adopt rather than buy a pet.I believe that the right dog finds you in a karmic kind of way,时间到了。

Oh that's so true.你现在有宠物吗??

对,I have Cora – a female beagle,and I adore her… She is my buddy and we usually work together.我经常和她交流我的想法。她看我的眼神常常暗示我疯了,但没关系。她不会和任何人分享这些信息,虽然…

好女孩,科拉!*chortles* Are there any sites or writing tools that you find useful and wish to recommend??

I studied illustration and communication design in a prominent art school in New York.当我回到希腊时,I worked for fifteen years in advertising,我很少使用插图技巧。When a well-known traditional publishing house in Greece approved my first book for publication,I asked them to collect some samples before hiring an illustrator,同时我也提交了自己的作品供考虑。The site that helped me the most to do that was what later becameSVS(Society of Visual Storytelling) by Will Terry and his team.The site is filled with amazing tips and videos!他们帮助我更新了我在数字媒体中的技能,改进了我的手艺,使我能够成为我自己出版的书籍的插图画家。我非常,very grateful!!

I am so glad you could do that,玛丽娜。It benefits the children too,我相信,to be able to see how the characters actually look in the author's mind.感谢您为插画师提供宝贵的资源!If you could have one superpower what would it be??

能够操纵时间。I always think its not enough!!

Oh,I feel you!你生命中最感激的是什么??

Marina Gioti and her husband,author and actor Kostas Krommydas

Marina Gioti and her husband,author and actor Kostas Krommydas

My family,我的想象力和强烈的同情心。

How would you like to be remembered??


And that would be a wonderful legacy… I wish it for you,玛丽娜。Thank you so much for being here with us today!!

谢谢你,弗洛斯,把我介绍给你的读者。I enjoyed our chat immensely!!


孩子们的书籍和艺术是玛丽娜·吉奥蒂的孪生激情;passions that have found their perfect expression in her best-selling children's books.Born in Athens,Greece,玛丽娜在华盛顿乔治敦大学学习市场营销和美术,D.C.followed by Communication Design and Illustration at Pratt Institute in N.Y.She is the 1999 recipient of the John Peter's Publication Award and Scholarship from the N.Y.艺术总监俱乐部,并因其设计作品获得铜牌五角星奖。Her third book,“一次两次——小红帽,“被评为希腊10本最佳画册之一(2016年)。

Marina spends her time between Greece and the UK,写作,向儿童和家长演示和提供书籍演示。她经常为流行杂志和网站撰稿,and a member of the Greek Section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY).







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