书评:Kostas Krommydas的Athora

This book was a wonderful surprise.Before picking it up,I had already read two other books by Kostas Krommydas.我爱他们俩,找到悲剧爱情的共同线索和命运的转折点是非常令人信服的。Athora's storyline is equally riveting and heartrending but in different ways and truly stands out among this author's other novels.

From the first few pages of Athora,I was drawn in and couldn't put it down.This is a full-blown murder mystery and one of the best I've ever read.Being highly reminiscent of Dan Brown's world-famous bestsellers,truly,唯一不同的是设置——在本例中是一个很小的希腊岛。Non-stop action and intrigue kept me turning the pages insatiably,down to the reveal of the killer at the very end.The brutal murder scenes are chilling and quite masterful.But even more so than the murders,it was the unprecedented storm that plagued the tiny island of Athora that set the mood for me and swept me away as I read.

Highly descriptive writing from an author who seems to own a magic magnifying glass that allows him to look deep into the psyche of his characters.Being lifelike beyond measure,I had trouble keeping them away from my thoughts for a few days after finishing the book.Whether you like murder mysteries or Greek island reads,this is a must and,most likely,你下一次最喜欢的阅读!!

My rating



Do you love chilling murder mysteries?How about stories set on Greek islands?看看今天这篇精彩的文章!!



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新发行的畅销书!370 pages of Corfu summer bliss!!
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Book review: Dominion of the Moon by Kostas Krommydas

哦,我的天哪!Having read and enjoyedCave of Silence在这位优秀的作家的笔下,我开始读《月亮的统治》,期待着一本好书和一本同样的书。but I've experienced so much more!非常神秘和神秘,this book had me riveted from the first few pages.我父亲来自希腊利姆诺斯岛,我曾参观过那里的卡维利亚考古遗址——这与《萨摩茨拉基》一书中描述的类似,据说在那里卡维利亚的秘密也被保存在古代。Therefore,being already familiar with these dark ancient gods,我对邪教及其秘密集会的故事很着迷,and felt totally immersed in it.

浪漫又甜蜜又温柔,无论是在悲剧考古学家和他的孙子的情况下,所有这些年后。悲剧和艰难困苦在他一生中反复地打击着前者,我怀着一颗破碎的心追随着这一切。I felt so close to this character and ached for the catharsis in the end that would see the members of the cult paying for their evil deeds.

结束,as painful as it was for some of the characters,was utterly satisfying.I highly recommend this fresh,原创故事。The emotions it stirred in me as I read ebbed and flowed in my heart like the tide,有时像暴风一样爆炸,类似于书中非常特别的场景。

萨摩茨拉基岛从书页中活跃起来,making me want to visit it at first opportunity.The love of Kostas Krommydas for this island is palpable and utterly magnetic.

My rating


Mysterious,enthralling and utterly satisfying!!

你喜欢关于秘密邪教的书吗?关于命运介入使情人团聚或纠正错误的故事呢?This book could be your next favorite read!!




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Out in Autumn 2018!A Greek fantasy romance set in Messonghi,Corfu.

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A brand new interview of Kostas Krommydas from The Durrells

Hello,偷看!Today I am writing for you bookworms,and especially for the Durrells fans among you.轰动的演员和作家科斯塔斯·克罗米达斯,who plays the Police Superintendent in The Durrells of Corfu,最近在《罗德斯漫谈》上接受了采访,这是一个很棒的作者博客。约翰·曼努埃尔.

Plus,Kostas's two bestselling novels on Amazon are only 99c / 99p  today!Make sure to grab them 🙂


What are the recurring themes in Kostas's novels?And what's his favorite Greek pitta??

HEREto check out the delightful chat between Kostas Krommydas and John Manuel!!

Have you missed my interview with Kostas on this blog?Check it outHERE


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Book review: Cave of Silence by Kostas Krommydas

I knew Kostas Krommydas as an actor from his career on Greek TV (and now from The Durrells of Corfu in the UK too) but only recently discovered that he is also a wonderful writer with a great following in my country of Greece.When this book,作为作者的希腊畅销书之一,was translated into English,I jumped at the chance to read it,especially as it was based on a true story – something that intrigued me further.

如果我用一个词来描述这本书,我会说这是“电影”。我想我应该对像克罗米达斯这样的优秀演员抱有更高的期望;his story has created a host of vivid images in my head that I still can't shake…some are happy and tender,others are tragic and heartbreaking.As I read I felt like I was there on the tiny island where the story unfolded for the most part.The terrible atrocities that the Germans carried out on the island just before they departed at the end of the war filled me with upset,just thinking that this might have happened in real life.For a few days after finishing the book,一些人物的不公正和悲剧结局继续困扰着我……

I love historical fiction,以及带有黑暗秘密的悲剧家庭故事,但这本书确实很适合讲故事,其多维性和流动性是连续的、平滑的。I found the book hard to put down,up until the last page,the two timelines merging seamlessly,这些人物感觉如此逼真,我希望书的结尾有一个接触,这样我就可以写信给这部小说背后的真实家庭,并表达我真诚的哀悼。必威网址多少But I cannot do that;I can only speak for this book and say that it is one of the best books of WWII Greek fiction I have ever read.For drama and originality,I personally put it up there with Bernières' Captain Corelli's Mandolin… I highly recommend you pick up this book and see where it takes you.我的脑海里充满了晴朗的天空和广阔的爱琴海景色。I will definitely read more from this author.

My rating:


Highly cinematographical… a heart-rending WWII story set on a tiny Greek island

你喜欢二战的家庭悲剧故事吗?How about historical romances with dark family secrets?This book is a must!!


kostas krommydas the durrells

你是德雷尔的粉丝吗?相信我,你想看看我对Kostas Krommydas的采访!!

科斯塔斯·克罗米达斯的书《寂静之洞》(Cave of Silence Athora)

科斯塔斯·克罗米达斯(KostasKrommydas)在安德罗斯岛上的照片激发了“寂静之洞”。图片版权所有Pavlos Efthimiou。


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Sweet romance in 1980s' Corfu… Only 99c!!Check it out!!

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Kostas Krommydas on the set of The Durrells of Corfu

Wuhoo!Today I have a wonderful treat for all you raving fans of The Durrells of Corfu!There I was the other day,邀请出色的希腊作家和演员科斯塔斯·克罗米达斯到我的博客接受采访,and when he brought his photos over for our chat I couldn't believe my eyes;结果是科斯塔在期待已久的比赛中,third series of The Durrells!今天和我一起欣赏他带来的幕后照片,and let's hear all about his fabulous novels too.Check out these fine specimens:

New release – Mystery romance

99c / 99p for a limited time only!!

在伊斯坦布尔发现一名游客死亡,the victim of what appears to be a ritual killing.An elderly man is murdered in the same manner,in his house by Lake Como.The third murder is the most perplexing of all: the priest of a small,孤立的希腊岛死在避难所里,his body ritualistically mutilated.

佛提尼·梅利奥在阿托拉岛上拜访了她的家人几天,在美国开始新生活之前。她期待短暂的休息,perhaps,更熟悉迷人的加布里埃尔,whom she has just met.这不是她期望的暑假。A massive weather bomb is gathering over the Aegean,threatening to unleash the most violent weather the area has ever seen…


Historical romance

迪米特里a young actor,is enjoying the lucky break of his life—a part in an international production shot on an idyllic Greek island and a romance with Anita,his beautiful co-star.When his uncle dies,他还有最后一个愿望:迪米特里把他的骨灰撒在他出生地的岛上。At first,迪米特里很高兴有机会了解一下他的家族的历史——一段神秘的历史。But why does his mother beg him to hide his identity once there??



At the present time,two novels by Kostas Krommydas are available in English on Amazon.The rest of them will follow later this year.

你好,Kostas,and welcome to my blog!!

Great to be here,Fros.Thank you for inviting me!!

You know,I love Greek historical fiction,and Cave of Silence sounds fantastic… Actually,I downloaded it as soon as I read the blurb and look forward to reading it!What inspired you to write this intriguing story??

《沉默之洞》是根据第二次世界大战期间发生的一个真实故事改编的。I heard it many years ago,在我开始写小说之前,from our family lawyer.I told him then that I would write this story one day.他不相信我。

What was the first thing you ever wrote and how old were you then??

I used to write poems when I was in high school,让女孩们知道我的感受。没有那么好,我觉得我不擅长。Little did I know then that a few years later I would be considered in Greece as the male author with the best insight in women's psychosynthesis!!

Wow,that's amazing!What other writing have you done?Anything else published??

"Cave of Silence"was my first book translated into English and"Athora"也刚刚发布。However,我又写了四本希腊畅销小说,传统上是屈光度出版社出版的,one of the largest publishing houses of Greece.我的下一本希腊书将于四月底出版。All of my novels will be published in English in due course as well.

Other than a writer,you are also an actor.I've had the pleasure to see you in a couple of wonderful Greek TV series.What is the best/most fun acting job you've had so far,be it on TV or the theatre??

在过去的五年里,I have been committed to my writing.However,every now and then,我会选择一个我喜欢的表演工作,just to keep active in that field.我上一份工作是在热播的电视连续剧中。”The Durrells".

You're joking!!


Kostas Krommydas on the set of The Durrells of Corfu

哦,我的天哪!我的许多读者和我一样喜欢这个节目!You're in uniform,我懂了。What role did you have in the series??

I played the role of a police superintendent during the early 1930's.It was a fantastic experience because the level of professionalism of the entire production was something very new to me.作为一名演员,我感到受人尊敬,并且真正享受了每一分钟!!

Would you like to tell us a little about the locations where the filming took place?How much work was involved in creating that nostalgic 1930s look that viewers love so much about the series?I imagine it must be easy in Corfu,given its timeless charm,把这个结果放在电影里,确实没有什么麻烦。

Kostas Krommydas on the set of The Durrells of Corfu

我拍的那些场景主要是在科尔夫拍的。I also traveled to London for a costume fitting.As you said,it is easy in Corfu to find suitable locations for a story set in a bygone era.拍摄主要在丹妮亚进行,in Bouas village.

Oh,that makes sense!Now I see why the locations look so authentic…

对,这是一个令人惊叹的地方,quite magical.The buildings,整个设置看起来如此真实……它们真的让人感觉回到了过去。这是举办活动的最佳地点,以及拍摄时期的故事。

Note: Bouas Danilia Village was constructed in the 1970s by the Bouas family as a tourist attraction to showcase the traditional way of living on the island in the old days.今天,it is no longer open to the public;被Grecotel收购后,现在只对附近的科孚帝国的客人开放。Grecotel Resort.有关Bouas Danilia村的更多信息,,看到这个帖子.

你在德雷尔的比赛中有什么经验?Did it feel any different to work with British actors for a change??

Kostas Krommydas on the set of The Durrells of Corfu with Keeley Hawes

我在英国演员阵容旁边的工作经验非常丰富。每个人的职业精神和做事的方式,是典型的。The whole work environment has been very pleasant and everyone seemed to receive an equal measure of respect for their contribution to the whole.就个人而言,Callum Woodhouse,who plays Leslie,我发展了一种特殊的关系,看到我和他在一起的大部分场景。我也不得不提到基利·霍斯。My scenes with ‘Mrs Durrell' stand out in my memory as some of the best scenes I've done in the series.我对她的专业精神和才能感到惊讶。She is a superb actress and it's been a great pleasure to work with her.

Were there any entertaining incidents that you could share with us?Did anything go wrong that maybe delayed filming at any point??


对,拍摄德雷尔时的娱乐事件非常常见,因为在这部电影中大部分都是动物。在拍摄我自己的场景时,我们没有一般性的问题。That said,donkeys were always within earshot,我们经常听到有人在一个场景中大声喊叫,which meant we had to do it all over again (*laughs*)

Kostas Krommydas on the set of The Durrells of Corfu

Were there any adoring fans present when you filmed in public places?How did the people behave?I hope you had no problems or intrusions…

No,no problems at all.当人们看到我们在公共场所拍摄场景时,他们似乎印象深刻。A few approached me from time to time and asked to be photographed with me.I was also invited to appear on local TV for an interview,真是太好了。

Kostas Krommydas on the set of The Durrells of Corfu

谢谢您,Kostas,for sharing behind-the-scene information and photographs from the Durrells.I am sure the big fans of the series among my readers will love it all as much as I did.告诉我们,are there any hobbies or interests that you enjoy in your spare time??

I love sports!I play tennis,I go skiing and also play football with my friends.I enjoy the theater too,and spend a lot of time watching plays in Greece,伦敦和纽约。

Do you have any advice for other authors??

Don't stop chasing your dream and don't let anyone convince you that you are not good enough.NOW is the best time to make your dreams come true.

That's so true… Do you have any pets??

我喜欢狗。我的妻子,daughter and I always wind up having stray dogs in our house.We now have a beagle named Cora,我们崇拜她。She is incredibly smart and cute and is a proper member of our family.Here is also an older photo of me with Naomi and Giselle.悲哀地,他们现在都去世了。

美丽的小灵魂。I've been there,Kostas,many of my readers too.Enjoy the multitude of loving memories I'm sure they've left you with.

Oh they surely have.谢谢您,Fros.

Would you describe your workstation for us?你有什么最喜欢的东西可以给你灵感吗??

我的办公室里有一面墙上的画,我写作时从中汲取灵感。这些照片是我演艺生涯中扮演过的各种角色。基本上,it's a mood board with notes of how these people look,它们的特点以及它们的作用。This huge board is very important,because it's a road map that helps me stay on track while I tell a story.

All authors to some degree find it hard at times to sit down and write.Discipline is required to set aside the time,与内心的恐惧/焦虑作斗争,为了适应正常的写作习惯,还要排除干扰。What is your experience with all that?如果你有什么建议,resources,or insights for other authors who struggle to put their butt on the chair and write,please share.

Sit down and write!It is pretty much as simple as stepping into your office.As Picasso said:"Inspiration exists,but it has to find you working."At first,you may have to edit out a lot of your writing,但在某个时刻,灵感开始迸发,奇妙的事情开始发生。

Do you listen to music while you write and,if so,什么样的??

Yes!Each book has a musical theme,and I like to listen to something appropriate while I write.所有的感官对于写书都很重要,听正确的音乐是我过程中不可或缺的一部分。

If you could have one superpower what would it be??


Oh,that would be awesome,I agree (*chuckles*).Any other photos you wish to share??

再多一个;a photo of my wife,玛丽娜吉蒂还有我。

What a beautiful black-and-white photo… By the way,我期待着下个月对玛丽娜的采访。她的孩子们的书看起来很棒,and so do her own illustrations in them… You're both so talented,在希腊非常成功,I expect English-speaking readers will be glad to discover you both soon as well,now that you have decided to expand your reach beyond the Greek borders.谢谢你今天抽出时间来,Kostas,and for doing me the honor to share exclusive photos from The Durrells.这是一次爆炸!!

It's my pleasure,Fros.Thank you for the opportunity to talk about my work.I hope you will enjoy the third series of The Durrells;还有寂静之洞,of course.


When Kostas Krommydas decided to write his first novel,he took the publishing world of his native Greece by storm.A few years later,he is an award-winning author of five bestselling novels,acclaimed actor,teacher and passionate storyteller.His novels have been among the top 10 at the prestigious Public Book Awards (Greece) and his novel"Ouranoessa“获得第一名(2017年)。作为一名新兴作家,他在2013年还获得了梦寐以求的愿望作家奖。

When not working on his next novel at his family beach house in Athens,you will find him acting on theatre/film/TV,教授公共演讲,与众多粉丝互动,and writing guest articles for popular Greek newspapers,magazines,and websites.

Visit Kostas's Amazon pageUS英国


Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/Krommydascostas/





GO HERE观看Kostas展示“的图书预告片Athora"(希腊语)


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温暖的沙滩和温暖的心……今天带着这个屡获殊荣的海滩浪漫逃离科尔夫。Check it out

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