Discovering Mythic Greece Through Five Temples

(Post contributed by Hollie Law)

以前,,埃弗罗西尼发表了一篇关于著名的帕台农神庙的文章,,the magnificent temple of the goddess Athena located in the Athens Acropolis.It is quite an impressive structure,但这并不是唯一一种。There are others just like it,each remarkable in its own right,and all carrying a part of Greek mythology.

Without further ado,这里还有五座寺庙,可以帮助你发现希腊神话。

Temple of Hephaestus

Hephaestus is the god of metal-working and craftsmanship,and he deserves a temple that is part imposing and part exquisite.The Temple of Hephaestus,located on Agoraios Kolonos,在雅典的阿戈拉西北,就是这样,甚至更多。由伊奇努斯设计,他还帮助设计了帕台农神庙,this temple is by far the best-preserved Greek temple in the world today.


The Temple of Hera is one of the oldest Greek temples still standing.It was built in 550 BC in honour of the goddess of marriage and childbirth.The temple stands in the northwest corner of the sacred precinct of the Altis,在奥林匹亚的克洛诺斯山南坡。Fittingly,Hera's temple is surrounded by a fortress of commanding columns,most now in ruins,那看起来像是在守护着前面提到的女神。

Temple of Apollo

多立克秩序神庙的一个主要例子,, 帕纳索斯山南坡的阿波罗神庙 是为太阳神阿波罗建造的,他长期以来被认为是奥林匹克神中最重要和最复杂的一位。It was designed by two legendary architects,namely,Trophonios and Agamedes,最初建于公元前7世纪。It was destroyed by fire in 6th century BC but was rebuilt and renamed"Temple of Alcmeonidae"向负责重建寺庙的雅典家族致敬。It was destroyed again,this time by an earthquake,公元前373年,约40年后于公元前330年重建。只有第三代阿波罗神庙的基础得以保存,以及一些多立克风格的柱子。

Temple of Olympian Zeus

也称为奥林匹克运动会,,this Greco-Roman temple located at the centre of Athens originally measured 96 metres long and 40 metres and was made of fine marble purportedly brought from Mount Pentelicus.It is said that 104 Corinthian-style columns—each one standing 17 metres high—surrounded the actual temple,今天只剩下废墟了。Of the 104 columns,only 15 are still standing,剩下的第16根柱子就在1852年倒塌的地方。

Temple of Poseidon

Located in Sounion,就在阿提卡半岛的顶端,the Temple of Poseidon is associated with,naturally,波赛顿one of the 12 Olympians in ancient Greek mythology.It shares quite a few similarities with the aforementioned Temple of Hephaestus,这表明这两座寺庙都是由同一位建筑师设计的。

希腊神话有,of course,endured the test of time,首先通过口碑,with the stories of gods and goddesses passed on via oral tradition.然后它通过书面文学存活下来,and eventually,through pop culture as various TV shows,plays,and films have been based on this vast collection of supernatural narratives.

Lately,even the gaming industry is keeping the flame of Greek mythology inextinguishable,with a host of games—like,例如,the PlayStation 4 game Apotheon which is set on Mount Olympus—inspired by deities and demigods of lore.

Digital games developer Slingo has a collection of titles based on Greek mythology too,includingApollo: God of the Sun,,克罗诺斯(基于使用镰刀的泰坦克洛诺斯),Zeus,,宙斯三世,andZeus 1000.这些游戏,apart from being fun,challenging,and enjoyable,给人们,现代的意思是更多地了解希腊文学中吸引了许多人的一部分,both in and outside of Greece.This,显然,is one of the main reasons why Greek mythology remains quite popular even today.

Have you visited any Greek temples?你觉得呢?and which were your favorites?一定要在下面发表评论,让我们知道!!


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Greek gods,myths and adventure in Athens!!


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Today,I am re-issuing an old post of mine.It is about Goddess Athena and her magnificent temple on the Athens Acropolis – the Parthenon.I hope you'll enjoy it!!

雅典娜女神深受古希腊人的崇敬。她的许多绰号之一,Pallada (or Pallas),was owed to the peculiarity of her birth.According to legend,she sprang forth from the forehead of her father Zeus,fully armed and shaking her spear fiercely,发出可怕的声音。The word Pallada is derived from the Greek word ‘pallein' which means ‘to shake'.

This divine young virgin was among other things,智慧与正义之女神。她的神圣象征包括猫头鹰和橄榄树。According to legend,她在雅典卫城向波塞冬发起挑战,希望赢得这座城市的赞助。这两位神同意各自在切克罗普斯国王和见证雅典人面前献上礼物;the better gift would grant the deity the greatly desired patronship status.

Poseidon went first,striking the Acropolis Rock with his trident to produce the Sea of Erechtheus;a salt spring.As the myth goes,雅典人对这个礼物不是特别印象深刻,as the water wasn't fit to drink.Poseidon then offered a second gift,a horse,用于战争。When Athena's turn came,she struck the ground with her spear and an olive tree sprouted from it swiftly;一份伟大的营养礼物,beauty and light in the dark.塞克罗普斯国王和雅典人民喜欢橄榄树的礼物,并宣布雅典娜是这座城市的守护神,这座城市不可避免地以她的名字命名。

According to myth,Poseidon was enraged by this and stormed to western Attica,where he flooded the Thriasian Plain.His rivalry with Athena,even though she is his niece,是希腊神话中的传奇。Homer's Odyssey illustrates it heavily,telling the world of this fearsome uncle and his cunning niece who fight over the fate of Odysseus.狡猾的希腊国王和他的忠诚的船员在海上游荡多年,going through infamous trials and tribulations as they made their way back home to Ithaca after the Trojan War.Although Poseidon tried to lead Odysseus to his demise,furious with him for blinding his beloved son,多足水蚤,Athena kept going against his will assisting Odysseus out of difficult situations,until he made it safely home back to his palace and faithful wife,Penelope.

雅典人爱他们的守护神像没有其他神。During the Golden Age of Athens (460-430 BC),在伯里克利的领导下,they built the Parthenon atop the Acropolis hill,along with other glorious edifices;他们都以自己的权利在历史上著名:丙胎,埃雷赫特海翁和雅典娜·耐克神庙。

Famous architects Iktinos and Kallikrates took over the construction and the legendary sculptor Phidias was commissioned to create the colossal chryselephantine (gold and ivory) statue of Athena for the interior of the Parthenon,which was named Athena Parthenos (Athena The Virgin).Phidias also sculpted the gigantic bronze statue Athena Promachos (Athena standing in the front line in battle).This statue was placed between The Parthenon and The Propylaea.

The word Parthenon is derived from the word ‘parthenos' which means ‘virgin' as per the epithet ‘Virgin' for Athena.Once in four years,the Panathinaia Festival took place in honor of the Goddess.虽然它也涉及类似奥运会的体育项目,主要的活动是宗教游行,从帕台农神庙经过埃拉奥多斯(神圣的道路)到达埃列夫斯镇;today,Iera Odos survives as a busy motorway between Athens and the historical town of Elefsis (also spelled Eleusis in English).This historic town is also the very site of the infamous Eleusinian Mysteries of antiquity that to this day,historians know very little about.

Eleusis的考古遗址,the seaside town west of Athens that held the infamous Eleusinian Mysteries in ancient times.

千百年来,帕台农神庙,one of the seven wonders of the ancient world,has suffered devastation repeatedly and on a large scale.除了在14世纪60年代被土耳其人占领并变成清真寺外,it was also bombed by the Venetians in 1687,cruelly looted by Lord Elgin in 1806 and has even suffered substantial damage by overzealous Christian priests who destroyed the depictions on the friezes that seemed indecent in their eyes.

为了生动地描绘帕台农神庙在其辉煌的岁月中,以及它在千禧年中的消亡,I'm including below a remarkable video by the Greek Ministry of Culture.I hope you'll also enjoy therein,一首传奇人物菲尔海伦的经典诗,Lord Byron.The great romantic poet's imagination has captured the wrath of Athena (Minerva,in Roman) further to the merciless destruction of her sacred temple.For the benefit of poetry lovers,我包括herea link to the whole poem,that was written in Athens in 1811 by the great British poet.

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