雅典娜女神和她的圣殿,THE PARTHENON

Today,I am re-issuing an old post of mine.It is about Goddess Athena and her magnificent temple on the Athens Acropolis – the Parthenon.I hope you'll enjoy it!!

雅典娜女神深受古希腊人的崇敬。她的许多绰号之一,Pallada (or Pallas),was owed to the peculiarity of her birth.据传说,她从她父亲宙斯的前额跳了出来,fully armed and shaking her spear fiercely,making a fearsome sound.“pallada”一词来源于希腊语“pallein”,意思是“摇晃”。

This divine young virgin was among other things,智慧与正义之女神。她的神圣象征包括猫头鹰和橄榄树。据传说,她在雅典卫城向波塞冬发起挑战,希望赢得这座城市的赞助。这两位神同意各自在切克罗普斯国王和见证雅典人面前献上礼物;the better gift would grant the deity the greatly desired patronship status.

Poseidon went first,striking the Acropolis Rock with his trident to produce the Sea of Erechtheus;盐泉传说中,雅典人对这个礼物不是特别印象深刻,as the water wasn't fit to drink.Poseidon then offered a second gift,马用于战争。When Athena's turn came,她用枪击地,地上立刻长出一棵橄榄树。一份伟大的营养礼物,beauty and light in the dark.塞克罗普斯国王和雅典人民喜欢橄榄树的礼物,并宣布雅典娜是这座城市的守护神,这座城市不可避免地以她的名字命名。

根据传说,Poseidon was enraged by this and stormed to western Attica,where he flooded the Thriasian Plain.His rivalry with Athena,even though she is his niece,是希腊神话中的传奇。Homer's Odyssey illustrates it heavily,telling the world of this fearsome uncle and his cunning niece who fight over the fate of Odysseus.The cunning Greek king and his loyal crew roamed the sea for years,在特洛伊战争结束后,他们回到伊萨卡,经历了臭名昭著的考验和磨难。Although Poseidon tried to lead Odysseus to his demise,因为他使他心爱的儿子失明而对他大发雷霆,多足水蚤,雅典娜一直违背他的意愿帮助奥德修斯摆脱困境,直到他安全地回到他的宫殿和忠实的妻子那里,佩内洛普。

雅典人爱他们的守护神像没有其他神。During the Golden Age of Athens (460-430 BC),在伯里克利的领导下,他们在卫城山上建造了帕台农神庙,along with other glorious edifices;他们都以自己的权利在历史上著名:丙胎,埃雷赫特海翁和雅典娜·耐克神庙。

Famous architects Iktinos and Kallikrates took over the construction and the legendary sculptor Phidias was commissioned to create the colossal chryselephantine (gold and ivory) statue of Athena for the interior of the Parthenon,名叫雅典娜帕提诺斯(雅典娜是处女)。菲迪亚斯还雕刻了巨大的青铜雕像雅典娜普罗马乔(雅典娜站在前线战斗)。This statue was placed between The Parthenon and The Propylaea.

帕提农神庙一词来源于“帕提农神庙”,意为“处女”,雅典娜的绰号是“处女”。Once in four years,the Panathinaia Festival took place in honor of the Goddess.虽然它也涉及类似奥运会的体育项目,主要的活动是宗教游行,从帕台农神庙经过埃拉奥多斯(神圣的道路)到达埃列夫斯镇;今天,Iera Odos survives as a busy motorway between Athens and the historical town of Elefsis (also spelled Eleusis in English).这座历史名城也是迄今为止臭名昭著的古代伊洛伊修斯之谜的所在地。历史学家对此知之甚少。

Eleusis的考古遗址,the seaside town west of Athens that held the infamous Eleusinian Mysteries in ancient times.

千百年来,帕台农神庙,古代世界七大奇观之一,has suffered devastation repeatedly and on a large scale.Other than being occupied by the Turks and turned into a mosque in the 1460s,it was also bombed by the Venetians in 1687,1806年被埃尔金勋爵残忍地掠夺,甚至遭受过狂热的基督教牧师的严重破坏,他们破坏了他们眼中不雅的饰带上的描绘。

为了生动地描绘帕台农神庙在其辉煌的岁月中,以及它在千禧年中的消亡,I'm including below a remarkable video by the Greek Ministry of Culture.I hope you'll also enjoy therein,一首传奇人物菲尔海伦的经典诗,拜伦勋爵。The great romantic poet's imagination has captured the wrath of Athena (Minerva,in Roman) further to the merciless destruction of her sacred temple.为了诗歌爱好者的利益,我包括here整首诗的链接,that was written in Athens in 1811 by the great British poet.

Note: This post was originally published on the fabulous blog of author and historian,Adam Haviaras.If you love Greek history,希腊旅游用品,而以古希腊为背景的历史小说,你应该看看这位作者。Visit Adam's bloghere

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